Environmental, Social and Governance

As Outset continues to grow, we are committed to sharing updates related to our ESG programs, priorities, goals, and performance. We have heightened our focus on ESG matters, recognizing that expectations have never been higher for companies to operate responsibly, sustainably, and with a deeper purpose than simply profit. Living up to those expectations is an important aspect of our culture, and it’s one we take seriously. Our inaugural ESG report provides insight into the significant results we have achieved to date and how we plan to build on that momentum moving forward.

Outset’s 2021 ESG report has been developed to present information about our business and ESG practices in areas we believe to be most useful to investors and other stakeholders. The report addresses specific standards defined by the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) for the Medical Equipment and Supplies industry, and includes an index with relevant SASB disclosures.

“At Outset, our ESG journey is rooted in our mission to catalyze permanent and profound change in where, when, and how dialysis is delivered to lower costs and restore identity, agency, and self-worth to patients.”
- Leslie Trigg, President and Chief Executive Officer.