Fifty Tablo Mobile Dialysis Systems Deployed to New York Hospitals by U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for COVID-19 Disaster Recovery Response

May 7, 2020

NYC and Long Island receive first-ever HHS emergency deployment of Outset Medical's easy-to-use technology for patients with kidney failure

Outset Medical, a commercial-stage company delivering first-of-its-kind technology into the growing global dialysis market, today announced along with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and in collaboration with the New York State Department of Health that they have deployed 50 Tablo™ Hemodialysis Systems to hospitals in New York City and Long Island. The first five locations include Long Island Jewish Medical Center, North Shore University Hospital, Mount Sinai South Nassau, Staten Island University Hospital – North, and Brooklyn Hospital Center – Downtown Campus. Five additional hospitals in NYC are also expected to receive Tablo systems in the near term as part of this deployment.

Tablo™ Hemodialysis System

This is the first time HHS has sent Tablos to emergency locations since signing a multiyear contract with Outset in October. The agency’s stated mission for this unique, mobile technology is to serve dialysis patients in communities hit by natural disasters.

“The COVID-19 virus is shutting down the kidneys in some patients and overloading the ability of some communities to provide lifesaving dialysis to everyone who needs it during the pandemic,” said Outset Medical Chief Executive Office Leslie Trigg.

New York City has been the hardest hit and the corona virus’s unexpected attack on the kidneys has led to a significant shortage of dialysis equipment and supplies, including dialysate, the sterile solution used with most dialysis machines. Outset Medical and HHS worked closely with The New York State Department of Health as they surveyed hospitals to identify locations across the city who were experiencing critical challenges meeting the demands for acute renal replacement therapy.

“Tablo can uniquely meet emergency needs in a pandemic because medical professionals can quickly learn how to use it. All they need is an electrical plug and tap water for the systems to produce dialysate on demand, which is critical to delivering dialysis. We are honored to partner with HHS during this crisis and stand ready to help during future emergencies,” stated Ms. Trigg.

In addition to the HHS deployment of Tablos, systems are also being used locally at NYU Tisch Hospital, NYU Brooklyn, NYU Winthrop, the VA in Manhattan and Mt. Sinai Oceanside to help meet the needs of increased acute kidney injury cases.


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About the Tablo Hemodialysis System

Tablo is an FDA-cleared enterprise solution for dialysis, designed specifically to reduce the cost and complexity of dialysis across all care settings. Requiring only an electrical outlet and tap water to operate, the mobile Tablo system frees patients and providers from the burdensome infrastructure required to operate conventional dialysis machines. The machine’s integrated functionality enables it to serve as a dialysis clinic on wheels and enables providers to standardize to a single platform that can be used across a wide spectrum of care settings. Wireless data, sensor-based automation and an animated touchscreen make the system easy to learn and use. Leading health systems and medical centers across the U.S. have adopted Tablo for hospital and clinic dialysis, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) awarded a contract for the use of Tablo in communities hit by natural disasters.

About Outset Medical

Outset Medical is dedicated to technology-driven service model innovation aimed at reducing cost and transforming the patient care experience. Outset’s Tablo System is FDA-cleared for use in acute and chronic care settings. In addition to its acute and chronic care commercial expansion, the company has concluded a clinical trial to expand Tablo’s labeled indication to include home use. For more information visit and follow the company on Twitter at @OutsetMedical.